The Art of Listening to the Sounds of Nature

Train your brain to listen to the sounds of nature, and you’ll discover a whole new world. With these relaxation tips, you can learn to quiet internal noise and truly hear the nature sounds around you.

Red Squirrel
Red squirrels can be chatterboxes as they play. They’re also known to scold each other (and humans!) with a chrrr sound.
Photo by Bill Lea
Bull Elk
The ghostly squeaks of the bull elk are eerie sounds, especially when you hear them at night.
Photo by Janet Horton
Great Horned Owl
The distinctive mating calls of the great horned owl can be heard from December through February.
Photo by Dwight Kuhn
The rapid drumming of the pileated woodpecker can be heard throughout much of the United States and Canada. Its call is a loud cuk-cuk-cuk, which rises and falls in pitch and volume.
Photo by Bill Beatty
Wood Thrush
The pretty call of the wood thrush can be heard at dawn and dusk in spring throughout the eastern half of the United States.
Photo by Maslowski Productions
Known as the whistle pig, the groundhog puts out a surprisingly sharp sound when alarmed.
Photo by Bill Beatty
Scarlet Tanager
Listen for the summer sound (CHICK-bree) of the scarlet tanager and hopefully you’ll be able to spot the brightly colored bird as well.
Photo by Maslowski Productions
Canada Goose
The familiar wonk, wonk of the Canada goose is a sure sign that autumn has arrived.
Photo by Richard Day/Daybreak Imagery
Tufted Titmouse
The tufted titmouse is one of the more vocal birds in winter throughout suburban yards in the Midwest and eastern United States.
Photo courtesy
A pond full of spring peepers can sound like bells jingling.
Photo by Dwight Kuhn
True Katydid
The katydid’s rhythmic call starts in late summer and picks up as fall arrives.
Photo by Bill Beatty
Snowy Tree Cricket
Hear a snowy tree cricket and you can calculate the temperature. Count the number of chirps in 15 seconds and add 40 to determine the temperature in Fahrenheit.
Photo by Joe McDonald/Animals Animals
The coyote intermingles yips and yaps among its high-pitched howls.
Photo courtesy Maslowski Productions

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