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Dance for Honey Bees

By Jessie Fetterling

Tags: Honey bees, bees, Colony Collapse Disorder, CCD, Help the Honey Bees, crops,

While it is funny to see grown men dancing around with antennas on their heads, this video portrays a serious message about the honey bee world. It uses the image of men jumping off the dance floor to visualize the concern about the disappearance of real honey bees, which can affect what we eat.

Honey bee pollination directly or indirectly benefits about one-third of our food supply. Each year, the work they do to pollinate U.S. Agricultural crops is worth about $15 billion. And the need for pollination to supply these crops continues to grow.

The problem of dying bees is often called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), and it was first noticed in October 2006. So far it has caused about one-third

of the honey bee population in the United States to disappear.

Experts say that pesticides, parasites and inadequate food supply may all be contributing to the problem, but more research is needed to find an accurate answer.

Although this past spring, there were enough honey bees to provide all needed pollination, there may not be in the future. The video refers viewers to an organization called Help the Honey Bees to raise money to fund the much more needed research on the disease. You can also find the video on the You Tube Web site. Comment below about the issue and help answer the question,“Yo, where my bees at?”