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Ityse Bags Enter Green Product/Reusable Shopping Bag Market

Fruitland, ID –  iTySE™, the Idaho-based reusable shopping bag line created by Shawna Pierson and Chris Kodama of Fruitland, Idaho, is proud to announce its debut, now available for purchase nationwide.  In time for a nearing ban on plastic shopping bags in California, iTySE™ offers a refreshing approach toward toting reusable bags through a designed carrier for easily compactable mesh reusable shopping bags. The design mimics the shape of standard plastic grocery bags and stealthily maintains a fashionable façade.  iTySE™ offers five designs to choose from with prices ranging from $5.95-$34.95, sold at iTySE™ is an acronym for “I Told You So Enterprises.”

The compactable design was spawned out of founders Shawna Pierson and Chris Kodama’s desire to offer an alternative toward using bulky and often self-promoting reusable bags sold at stores.  Pierson and Kodama believe that a bag was needed that combined “utility with practicality.” Says Pierson, “We believe that a ban on all disposable bags – be them paper or plastic – will eventually take place as natural resources are wasted and our landfills fill up, so consumers will need another option.”  “Why be forced to carry something bulky, boorish, and self-promoting?” asks Kodama.  Kodama affirms, “We decided to create something compactable and with style. It’s an effortless way to always have reusable bags with you for that spontaneous shopping trip.” 

Pushes for state bans on plastic bags derive from jarring statistics: An estimated 90 billion plastic bags end up in landfills every year.  Less than 5% are reused.  Twelve million barrels of oil are used each year to manufacture plastic bags. The oil used to produce 14 plastic bags can drive a car one mile. It takes plastic bags 450 years to biodegrade.

Says Pierson, “In order for consumers to change their behavior, we need to make it an easy shift.  Offering a simple method of carrying reusable bags is one step, and perhaps for style-conscious individuals, the need to carry something not so unattractive is another.  We believe we address both conundrums through our design, yet, moreover, we are helping people form a habit. With the serious loss of resources and pollution to our earth, this is a habit worth forming.”

The iTySE™ features two holes on either side of the carrier which allow you to pull out the mesh reusable shopping bags while filling up groceries.  iTySE™ also sells the “Indi,” a solo mesh shopping bag that stuffs into its own carrying case with a 7” drawstring to tie to a bag or carry on your wrist, sold for $9.95 each. Palm-sized, it is designed to fit into car cup-holder.  Individual mesh bags, sold for $5.95 each, and can be added to larger shopping trips. iTySE™ designs include Black Pac, Brady Blue, Brady Orange, Khaki Pac, Tommy Green, and Retro. Sold at

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