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Our FAIRS bring living wisely to life with hands-on workshops in organic gardening, country skills, renewable energy and more.

Purina Chicken Feed Giveaway

MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR sponsor Purina has given us TEN 40-pound bags of Layena Plus Omega-3 poultry pellets!

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid necessary for proper heart and brain function, growth and development. Because the human body can't make Omega-3, it has to come from our diet. What better way than through fresh eggs?

Layena Plus Omega-3 chicken feed significantly enhances the Omega-3 content of backyard eggs, and is made with the same natural grains as the original Layena feed, with added flaxseed.

This fabulous FREE chicken feed also helps your hens in these ways:


Good luck!


Please visit the FAIR website for more information about the Puyallup, Wash. FAIR June 4-5, and upcoming FAIRs in San Rafael, Calif. and Seven Springs, Penn. Tickets are on sale now for all fairs.

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