Photos from the Field: Fall Trees Provide Backdrop for Bull Elk

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October/November 2016


Our Flickr photo group functions as a place where photographers of all skill levels can upload images to share photos with each other and with us. And now, we’re choosing some of our favorites to publish in a new print department!

Congratulations to those featured in our inaugural Photos from the Field, whose photos are shown below.

Photos from the Field

A bull elk against fall trees in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Photo by Betsy Glavin

Photos from the Field

A flower in the Centennial Park Conservatory in Ontario.

Photo by A Great Capture/Ashley Duffus

Photos from the Field

A skipper in a tomato leaf in East Texas.

Photo by Anna Heustis

Photos from the Field

A dewdrop in East Texas.

Photo by Anna Heustis

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