Bi-Monthly Almanac: Folded Paper Cup, Fish Scaler, and Other Small Projects

A method of folding a sheet of paper into paper cup and a fish scaler made of bottle caps are two of nine small projects covered in this ongoing feature.

| September/October 1978

homemade querls

You need to be handy with a jigsaw, but making a querl is otherwise simple enough.


Here are a few ideas to help you with the small projects around your house and yard that always need attention. When you're done, have a look at our September/October Almanac and its selection of historically significant events.

Folded Paper Cup

Anyone who spends a lot of time out-of-doors knows that the uses for a water receptacle can be as many and varied as the lack of such a container can be infuriating.

It's good, then, to know that a quick and temporarily serviceable paper cup can be whipped up from an ordinary eight- to nine-inch square of paper in just a few seconds by anyone "in the know". Just [a] fold corner A over to the opposing corner to make a triangle. Then [b] bend a point of the triangle over until it touches the mid-point of the opposite side (or just above the mid-point). Then [c] fold the opposite corner of the triangle up so that it meets the other side. Then [d] turn down points D and E on opposite sides, and [e] spread the upper edges and your cup is completed.

Fish Scaler

"Fishin', " to paraphrase Robert Ruark, "keeps a person out of trouble." That is: A few hours by the waterside provide a great opportunity to kind of let the wind blow between your ears and separate the mental wheat from the chaff. And often—almost in spite of yourself—you'll end up adding some delicious eatin' to the family food supply in the bargain.