Northern Idaho Country Life and the Vienna Woods

A homesteader discovers how to save money living the northern Idaho country life and travels to europe on his savings.

| January/February 1978

Saving money while living the northern Idaho country life.

Saving money while living the northern Idaho country life.

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This homesteader saved money by living the northern Idaho country life.

European Travel Tips

Country Savings and Travel Tips When Visiting Europe

You say you want to go to Europe, but you don't have the money? Do what Stephen Allen of Bonners Ferry, Idaho did: Move back to the land, cut down on fossil fuel consumption . . . and "write your own ticket"!

Recently, while sitting at a charming wine garden in the Heuriger section of Vienna (where I'd just finished a delicious dinner of Parisier Schnitzel), I lifted my glass of German brandy and made the following toast: "To the Vienna woods . . . and northern Idaho." Northern Idaho country life, you see, had made my trip to Vienna possible.

It's strange. Many people think that in order to live in the country, you have to be willing to do without a lot of things (as if deprivation and rural life somehow went together). This simply isn't true. On the contrary, a move to the country can enrich your life and give you things of real value . . . such as Vienna, Paris, London, or Amsterdam. I know. I've been there.

How I Went From New Jersey to Europe . . . Via Idaho!

Several years ago, I worked as a high-powered newspaper reporter in populous New Jersey. At the time, I pulled down $260 a week . . . hardly what you'd call a regal wage, but not bad when you consider [1] the paper was non-union and [2] journalism — especially newspaper journalism — has never been known for its high salaries.

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