'Sunflower Journeys' Highlights The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR (Video)

The first MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR for the Midwest, held in Lawrence, Kansas, is covered by the PBS affiliate television show Sunflower Journeys, featuring all of the excitement and some of the speakers from the 2013 FAIR.

From Sunflower Journeys

PBS affiliate program Sunflower Journeys highlights the first MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in the Midwest, held in Lawrence, Kan., in 2013. 

Publisher Bryan Welch and editor Cheryl Long are featured, discussing how the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR brings the magazine to life in a real event for readers. The FAIR gives attendees the opportunity to compare notes, contribute ideas and connect with other readers as well as the magazine and its advertisers, creating a sense of community around a passion for earth stewardship.

Also featuring speakers Joel Salatin, Amy Saunders and Ed Begley Jr., this video provides a small taste of what one can expect to find at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR. 


Follow publisher Bryan through the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR as he interviews some of the great minds in sustainable living.

A Discussion With Joel Salatin
Raising Chickens, Raising ”Superstars” with Pat Foreman
Striving for Sustainable Living with Ed Begley, Jr.
MaKing Farming Cool with Joe King
Hunting For A Connection with Miles Olsen
Investing in ‘Slow Money’ with Woody Tasch

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