Learning How to Play Harmonica

This beginner's guide to learning how to play harmonica will teach you about the instrument, how to hold your harmonica, playing tips, tunes to start out with, and more.

The Construction of a Harmonica
A harmonica is so easy to play, partly because its "innards" are more sophisticated than most people realize. One of the simplest of all mouth organ (the Hohner HH-1896 Marine Band), for instance, consists of a honeycombed resonating chamber sandwiched between two reed plates (one of which contains blow and one of which contains draw reeds) which, in turn, are sandwiched between nickeled steel top and bottom cover plates. Rivets and screws hold everything together... and a fairly complicated system of tuning the reeds makes it extrememly simple to coax 20 of "just the right" notes from the Marine Band's 10 air passages.