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Join the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Flickr Photo Group to Share Your Photography

Sheep Fence
Photo by Flickr/James Figielski

MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers all over the country frequently send us photos of livestock, their DIY chicken coop setups, nature — you name it. We love looking at the images we receive, but that’s typically where the exchange ends. Not anymore!

We’ve created a Flickr photo group that will function as a place where photographers of all skill levels can upload images to share photography with each other and with us.

Present your unique perspective to the MOTHER EARTH NEWS community by uploading photos of gardens, homesteads, livestock, green homes, real food, renewable energy and nature. We’ll occasionally feature our favorites in blog posts and on our social media channels — and perhaps even in print!

We will always credit the images and link back to the source, of course. And if we’re interested in publishing one of your images in our magazine, we’ll contact you via Flickr mail to discuss payment before proceeding.

Ready to get started? Hop on over to the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Photo Group Pool to see the existing selection of photographs, and to add your own.

You’ll need to have a Flickr account to post photos. Befuddled by Flickr? Just email us and we’ll help you get started.

Below are some of our favorites photos uploaded to the group so far. Enjoy!

Two Birds
Photo by Flickr/Dawn Larson

Photo by Flickr/Paul Cools

Monticello Garden
Photo by Flickr/John

Frog in Pond
Photo by Flickr/Rebecca Joyner

Fig Jam
Photo by Flickr/Heather Cancello

Cow in Pasture
Photo by

Cabin and Mountain
Photo by Flickr/Rob Graham