John Shuttleworth: Editor/publisher of The Mother Earth News

The first Plowboy Interview with John Shuttleworth, editor-publisher of The Mother Earth News.

| March/April 1970


The first issue of The Mother Earth News as you'll recall, had no "explanation. " Just three and a half lines on the masthead that said, in essence, "Here it is. " That was done on purpose: MOTHER figured you could decide - without the flowers and the flags - whether or not you wanted her.

As it turned out, that bugged some people who wanted not only MOTHER . . . but some background information too. Here then, is the first (and, possible, the last) MOTHER EARTH NEWS Plowboy Interview.. John Shuttleworth, editor-publisher of TMEN is on the other end.

Plowboy: Just what is TMEN all about, anyway?

JS: The magazine is dedicated to only two things: Giving people back their lives and stopping the rape of the planet.

Plowboy: What do you mean by "giving people back their lives"?

JS: Just that. I want everyone to be their own man - everybody to have control and direction of their own lives. Abraham Lincoln said it best. "Just as I would not be a slave, I will not have one." I want to be free, therefore I am interested in helping others be free.

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