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EPA Says All Americans Are Going Green, Offers New e-newsletter

By John Rockhold

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Breaking news: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says all 300 million Americans are embracing green living, and that 'environmental responsibility is everyone's responsibility.'

No, I didn't read that in The Onion. It was in the EPA's announcement of its new Go Green! e-newsletter, and the sentiment comes directly from EPA Administrator Steve Johnson.

This is great to hear from the EPA. But it does surprise me that Bush Administration's environmental editors didn't mind this statement, both when it was originally made (Earth Day) and again when the Go Green! press release went out (two days before the Fourth of July). Does this mean we'll soon see the White House embrace its responsibility to the environment, especially with regard to global warming? I'm not optimistic, even more so after reading this article

from Rolling Stone.

But I digress. Kudos to the EPA for launching Go Green!, which promises 'what you can do' information 'that everyone can use to make a difference.' The July edition covers UV Safety Month, hurricane preparedness, Energy Star products and the Agency's new carbon footprint calculator. Check it out; click here to sign up.