Environmentalist Peter Huber Discusses his Book Hard Green

Environmentalist Peter Huber talks about his book Hard Green, discussing the soft energy path and advocating a move away from fossil fuels.

| October/November 2000

Environmentalist Peter Huber.

Environmentalist Peter Huber.


An interview with Environmentalist Peter Huber.

Matt Scanlon talks with environmentalist Peter Huber for MOTHER.

Could you describe what the term "hard green"means?

Well, I am using the term in response to a phrasing that was invented by Amory Lovins in describing what he called the "soft energy path." He was specifically advocating a move away from what he described as the "hard fuels" . . . fossil fuels, generally, and toward what he described as the "soft fuels," namely solar and wind. He emphasized conservation a lot. It was quite an influential thesis [Foreign Affairs, 1976], and it's been quite widely embraced. Not by policy-makers or people who actually generate most of our energy, but by many lifestyle advocates, I suppose.

Do you refute what Amory Lovins said about the benefits of conservation?

No, but I recognize that his philosophy is only one piece of the puzzle. He seems to have spent much less time on the macroenvironment and macroconservation . . . how you preserve forests, and watersheds, arid lakes and streams. It's much more concerned about the microassaults and very long-term effects and elaborate computer models.

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