Save Our Planet: Earth Poetry

MOTHER EARTH NEWS shares inspiring earth poetry on the topic of protecting barn owls.

| December 2003/January 2004

Earth poetry about protecting the barn owl.

Earth poetry about protecting the barn owl.

Photo by Fotolia/fotogenix

This earth poetry shines a light on protecting the barn owl.

Save Our Planet: Earth Poetry

Spare! nor heed the common tattle,
Learn the truth and strive to know
Those who give this night-bird battle
Kill a friend and call him foe
Came-preserver, farmer, all
Might him Benefactor call.

In the ivied ruin hoary,
Hollow trunk, or steeple grey,
There he sits in solemn glory
Dozing through the livelong day,
But as darkness draweth near
This grand mouser has no peer.

From "The Barn Owl, a Plea for its Protection," by George Bentley Corbin (1841-1914). — MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

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