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Earth Gauge Tip of the Week: Pumpkin Harvest

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About 80 percent of the United States' pumpkin supply is available in October, but pumpkin makes an appearance year-round in pies, breads and other foods.  Weather can have a big impact on the yearly pumpkin harvest.

Viewer Tip:  Despite a rough year for pumpkin patches, many farmers are meeting demand by bring in pumpkins from other areas.  If you are carving or cooking this year, put the whole pumpkin to use!  If you don't eat the seeds yourself, spread them outside as a snack for birds and squirrels.  And, instead of weighing down your trash bags and sending past-their-prime pumpkins to the landfill, put them to use in your garden.  Pumpkins can be added to compost piles, where they will decompose and add nutrients to your compost.

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