Brainy Birds: Amazing Crows and Ravens

No matter where you live, crows and ravens are your neighbors. You might want to watch them — carefully.

crows and ravens - raven
Crows and ravens have the largest brains, relative to body size, of any birds. Ravens like this one have the same brain/body size ratio as the chimpanzee.
Photo by
crows and ravens - American crow
The American crow is one of three varieties found in the U.S.
Maslowski Productions
crows and ravens - a murder of crows
A “murder” in the light of a full moon: Though it’s not a commonly used term today, a group of crows is called a murder; the name came from their medieval reputation as harbingers of death.
Maslowski Productions
crows and ravens - common raven
The common raven is making a comeback in North America.
crows and ravens - companions
"One of the most difficult of all things to endure for a crow, a raven, a wolf or a human is to feel alone and separated from one’s own kind. A sense of belonging is one of the most universal of all feelings." — Lawrence Kilham 
Jim Brandenburg/Minden Pictures
crows and ravens - crow stealing a hat
This raven pickpocket used its beak to open the snowmobile’s storage compartment and steal a ski cap. 
Michael Quinton/Minden Pictures
crows and ravens - crow and eagle
Crows and ravens can be both sneaky and bold. Here, a crow takes an attitude with a bald eagle.
Tom Pat Leeson

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