Country Lore: Clean Dishes, Dead Ants

A tip for getting rid of intrusive ants.

| October/November 1999


Stop ants dead in their tracks.

Photo courtesy Miroslav Beneda

I've used many ant poisons and many of these so-called solutions have been pretty costly as I've succeeded mainly in moving these unwelcome guests from one place to another. But there is another way, I have discovered that the most efficient and effective ant killer is something that is normally lost down the drain-dishwater! After washing dishes, I collect the water in a one-and-a-half gallon jug that washing bleaches and detergents come in. I start at the outside of the ant hill and work toward the center. I do this as quickly as possible, as ants come to life fast, and I cover most of them. When I get to the point that water goes in the hole, I continue to pour the rest down into the nest. The ants that come to the surface seem to die and disappear. The next day I find no activity.

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