Countertop Compost Bin for the Office

Start an office compost bin to bring home loads of used coffee grounds, fruit peels and other compostable items.

Compost Bin

You can collect lots of coffee grinds, fruit peels and more by keeping a compost bin in the office break room.

Photo by Fotolia/radkacossley

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At my office, I’ve placed an empty coffee container on the counter near the coffeepots in the kitchen. I encourage all of my co-workers to empty their brewed coffee grounds into the container instead of throwing them away. I also remind them to put their banana peels, apple cores and other compostable items in the container after lunch. When the countertop compost bin is full, I take it home and empty it onto my compost pile.

Some co-workers have even started bringing in their overripe fruits and vegetables from home! I share the bounty from my garden because their compost contributions help me grow delicious produce.

Lisa Platschorre
Cedar Springs, Michigan