Carbon Credit Market: Companies Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint Could Be Frauds

| 6/29/2010 4:09:07 PM

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A while back, we posted a blog about calculating your carbon footprint. If you want to calculate your footprint, you can follow that how-to and see what kind of effect you are having on the earth.

When I calculated mine, like the author of that blog, I was quite embarrassed. It didn’t help that I made two international flights in the last year.

So, now that I am ashamed of my number, which is sadly much higher than the average American's, what do I do to rectify my carbon emissions?

Could I burn less fuel that sends CO2 up into the atmosphere? I suppose that is a start. But what if I want to neutralize my footprint, or at least cancel it out somehow?

The industry of carbon offsets provides an option that can give me balance.

This is how it works: I fly across the ocean. A company calculates my carbon emissions. I buy carbon offsets to balance my carbon emissions out. Therefore, it is like I have no carbon footprint, right?

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