Blowing Soap Bubbles With a Morning Glory

A seven-year-old reader offers this clever method of blowing soap bubbles.

070 blowing soap bubbles

The author demonstrates her technique for blowing soap bubbles.


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I like blowing soap bubbles with morning glories.

To do this yourself, first get some morning glory seeds. Plant them, in the spring, in a place where they can climb as they grow. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Be sure not to eat any of the plant starters. Morning glory seeds are poisonous!] Don't forget to water the plants regularly.

Then, on a summer morning, check to see if your morning glories are blooming. If they are, get some bubble soap and put it in a small dish. (If you don't have any bubble soap, you can make your own. Just mix a few tablespoons of dishwashing liquid into half a cup of water.)

Take your dish outside and pick one of the morning glories. Dip the flower in the soap, hold it up, blow on the stem ... and you'll get a bubble!