Successful Swaps: Bartering Tips

Learn some tips on how to barter as MOTHER's readers share their bartering tales.

| May/June 1977

Bartering Items

These MOTHER's readers have found the art of bartering: learning to swap time and talent for needed items around the homestead and turning trash to treasure.


Suzy LaMonte from Days Creek, Ore.: 

Life without running water has its disadvantages ... especially when autumn weather sets in and local creeks become too chilly for cleansing dips.

And as Hoedad tree planters, we always come home kind of "grungy" and in need of a good scrub, too. Imagine our gratitude, then, when a fellow homesteader (who'd just bought a place about a mile down the road) heard of our plight and graciously offered us the use of his shower. (Ahhh ... hot water!)

But what to offer in return? Of course! We could rototill and expand his small garden plot, come springtime. And that's just what we did!

Many other good swaps have resulted from our utilization of the gifts of our local madrone trees. In the fall, the madrones are laden with deep red berries, which we collect and string into necklaces. The little fruits dry into firm, colorful beads ... and make great "tradables" at the many craft fairs held throughout the year here.

We've traded our "nature necklaces" for a wide assortment of lovely handmade goods: pottery, jewelry, drawings, wooden toys ... the possibilities are many, and it's always fun.

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