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Are Antibiotics Safe for Children?: 4 Risks of Antibiotic Overuse

By Chelsea Clark, Natural Health Advisory Institute

Antibiotics are prescribed left and right for various conditions. But are they always necessary? Learn about some of the health risks associated with frequent antibiotic use in children.

Self-Healing Visualization

By Judy DeLorenzo, Biofield Healing

Learn this ocean healing visualization and access your self-healing potential through the mind-body connection.

Do a Digital Detox to Reconnect with the World Around You

By Hannah Kincaid

How logging off social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram can help you reconnect with yourself, your world, and those whom you love most.

Original Fire Cider Recipe and Controversy

By Judy DeLorenzo

Learn how to make Rosemary Gladstar's original Fire Cider recipe and chutney to help keep your immune system healthy, and to ward off infections. Also learn about the Fire Cider controversy, and why it should matter to you.


Is Honey Good for You?

By Chelsea Clark, Natural Health Advisory Institute

If you need a treat and are choosing between refined sugar and honey, honey definitely has its benefits.

6 Benefits of Tai Chi for Your Health

By Chelsea Clark, Natural Health Advisory Institute

Tai chi is proven to help numerous conditions and benefit your general health.

Top 10 Immune-Boosting Tips to Survive the Cold and Flu Season

By Alexander and Ashley Poptodorov, A+A Wellness

As we enter into the cold and flu season, it is the perfect time to be thinking about your immune system and practical ways to help boost it. Here are 10 tips to stay your healthiest this season and all year round. These tips are our tried and true suggestions for increasing immunity and maintaining good health all year long.

What Is Beeswax?

By Petra Ahnert

The building block of the hive, beeswax is useful in a variety of applications, from health and beauty products to candles and home items.

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