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Hoarding: Greed, Part 2

By Shawn Hosford

What is the difference between hoarding stuff and money? Is there any difference?

Plant a Medicinal Herb Garden, Part 2: Healing Herbs for the Respiratory System

By Susanna Raeven

Cultivation and uses of six medicinal herbs for the respiratory system, including tincture, oxymel, tea and steam bath recipes.

Consumption Greed: Part 1

By Shawn Hosford

Part one of a three part series on greed, consumption and economic oppression. Exploring how we may have gotten here and what we can do about improving our lives and the lives of others.

The Art of Herbalism

By Jesse Wolf Hardin

Working with medicinal plants can not only help heal ourselves and each other, but also contribute to the beauty of our lives and our world.


Well Read

By Shawn Hosford

What does well read mean to you? Does the material you read and your personality traits determine how you view the world? This blog explores what well read means to me.

The Hidden Risks of Nightlights for Children

By Chelsea Clark

While many kids (and adults, too) might prefer to sleep with a light on, research shows that exposure to artificial light after the sun goes down can disrupt healthy body function and is associated with an increased risk for cancer. So turn off your computers, TVs, and nightlights for kids, and learn to embrace the nighttime darkness.

Herbal Tea Recipes for Colds

By Kathleen Jade

Sipping on medicinal herbal tea is one of the best steps you can take to shorten the duration of illness when the symptoms of a cold, sore throat, or other upper respiratory infection begin.

New Zealand Manuka Honey Explained

By Bree McCauley

All you need to know about the island’s most fascinating export: New Zealand Manuka honey.

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