Tips for Running

An experienced runner offers tips for running in the cold and for all around long-term sustainability.

| January/February 1979

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The author's tips for running in the cold derive from long experience with North Dakota winters.


The following tips for running were excerpted by permission from The Last Word on Running by Richard Karlgaad, copyright © 1978 by Caroline House Publishers, Inc. 

Running in the Cold

Is it ever too cold to run?  

If a runner takes adequate precaution—dressing properly and staying on well-traveled roads—there are few days too cold for running in North America. I ran through five North Dakota winters (the worst in the continental United States) and missed less than a handful of days because of foul weather. The temperature, even 40 degrees below zero, was never too cold by itself. The wind, though, sometimes drove the chill factor down to 100 below. 

What are the dangers of running in cold weather?  

The biggest danger is having to stop, being unable to continue, and having no one see your plight. This is why you should never overextend on a cold day. This is also why you should run only on well-traveled roads.

Of course, never run in a blizzard or otherwise poor visibility. Blizzards kill because people get lost in them.

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