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The Lung Cleaner by Dr. Klear

Dr. Klears The Lung Cleaner

The Lung Cleaner is a natural, organic, wildcrafted inhaler combining pure salt (saline), purified water and eucalyptus oil (EO). The salt acts to hydrate the lungs and the eucalyptus has a number of beneficial respiratory properties (EO has been traditionally used for thousands of years to support the respiratory system, both spiritually and physically). The combination of the salt and eucalyptus oil enhance the body’s ability to clean itself naturally.

Eucalyptus Oil:
• Antimicrobial (antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal)
• Antiinflammatory
• Analgesic (pain killer)
• Spasmolytic (muscle relaxant)
• Antioxidant
• Expectorant
• Bronchodilator

Invented 5 years ago but only recently on the market, The Lung Cleaner has proved most popular amongst marijuana smokers, yogis, athletes and health conscious individuals.

*The Lung Cleaner is made in the USA in an FDA approved Pharmaceutical Factory

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