Sometimes Life Has a Better Plan for You

| 4/10/2012 9:40:00 AM

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Sometimes Life Has A Better Plan For You 

In my last two blogs, I discussed how important strength and resilience are to a happy life. I noted that you can make a conscious choice to build inner strength and resilience that will help you shortcut through pain and suffering. Just knowing that you always pull through adversity can provide a little hope and build your strength. I even provided some affirmations that will help you create a stronger, more resilient self.

Here’s another thought that can help you get through hard times and live a happier, more fun-filled life, spending less time in pain and suffering more time at the beach, metaphorically speaking: “Sometimes life has a better plan for you.”

Many times in my life, I’ve found that things turn out much more differently than I’d anticipated.

For instance, for years, I longed to be a novelist. But after writing three novels and unsuccessfully pursuing publishers, I turned my hand to nonfiction.

And, oh what I ride that’s been. To date, I’ve published 30 books and hundreds of articles — and made a good living writing nonfiction — on renewable energy and green building, for instance. I’ve even published some popular college textbooks that have allowed me to work at home my entire adult life!

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