Boost Nutrition With These Food Pairings

From blueberries teamed with walnuts to eggs mingling with cheese, try these 21 food duos that bring out the nutritional best in each other, a science known as “food synergy.”

The Happiness Diet
What if you discovered that the best place to begin your pursuit of happiness was at the end of your fork? Happiness is largely a biological event, and emerging research in neuroscience and nutrition shows a substantial link between how we eat and how we feel. In “The Happiness Diet,” you’ll find out why and how to avoid the sugars, fats and toxins rampant in the modern American diet while also discovering the best foods for a sharp brain, balanced mood and energized body. Authors Tyler Graham and Drew Ramsey, M.D., provide a comprehensive gastronomical guide to a happier you, serving up sound food science, shopping advice, meal plans and delicious, healthful recipes — yes, even one for that all-American burger on the book’s cover!