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Fight the Winter Blues with Heat Holders

Heat Holders

The fierce cold weather is here, and the race is on to ensure we are fully prepared for the coming months. Allow Heat Holders to take care of your feet, and ease you comfortably through the cold weather. 

Heat Holders are diverse, fashionable socks that keep your feet seven times warmer than normal cotton socks. Long term exposure to cold conditions can not only have detrimental effects to your feet, but to your overall health. 

With a tog rating of 2.34, Heat Holders provide a practical and economical alternative to layering socks.  The unique patent pending extra long looped thermal pile which is unique to Heat Holders has been newly developed. This innovative knitting technology locks in warm air, holding this closer to the skin, keeping feet warmer for longer.

The soft brushed inner adds comfort and softness where feet need it the most. Their gentle grip prevents rubbing or discomfort that may be experienced from a sock with a lower tog rating. Furthermore the advanced insulating yarn created for Heat Holders provides high performance insulation and superior moisture wicking abilities.

Heat Holders provide a perfect solution to the snow day blues.  No longer will family snowball fights in the garden be plagued by cold feet.

Available in a variety of different colours Heat Holders provide a fashionable and functional choice of warm winter wear for both men and women. Children’s sizes are now available, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your little one’s feet are protected from Jack Frost. Longer styles are available for the whole family, meaning you too can splash around in your rain boots with the kids.

Studies have found that cold feet affect our sleep patterns. Scientists at Basel University, Switzerland, have found that ‘warm feet promote the rapid onset of sleep,’ thus Heat Holders offer a straightforward and cost effective solution to help stop people tossing and turning whilst trying to drift off to sleep. Heat Holders have created cosy slipper socks, specially designed to wear at home and with their grip pads, they prevent sliding on slippery surfaces.

As the RRP for a pair of Heat Holders starts at just $19.99, they are perfect as a bargain buy that can be used time and time again. With Christmas round the corner they also offer a fantastic stocking filler for any member of the family! 

This winter, invest in a versatile product you can use time and time again. Do not let your feet suffer as you head out into the cold winter.  To ensure protection from the cold and prevent sore feet, wrap up your feet in Heat Holders ultimate thermal socks.

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