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Harrisons’ Pet Products Introduce Recover Nutritional Formula

Recover from Harrisons' Pet Products

Harrisons’ Pet Products, a worldwide leader in veterinary-proven, certified organic, sustainable health solutions for all animals, is proud to introduce Recover, a complete nutritional formula for sick or injured animals. Available in a convenient 2-oz (60 g) size, Recover is easily syringeable and can be tube fed or spoon fed to mammals, birds and reptiles.

Recover should be used orally for:

• Animals needing an easily assimilated source of nutrients that is low in fiber.
• Medical and surgical patients that are recovering from pansystemic failure.
• Animals in which anorexia has slowed gastrointestinal emptying time.
• A hand-feeding diet for young insectivores with a suspected gastrointestinal disorder.
• Nutritional support o¬f a bird during the transition phase of a diet change.

For more information or to order contact your distributor or Harrisons’ Pet Products, PO Box 19357, West Palm Beach, FL 33416; 800-946-4782 or 561-641-6745; or online.

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