The Links Between Burning Coal and Neurological Diseases

Explore in detail the scientific link between the air pollution, such as burning coal and diesel exhaust, and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes Mellitus.

| October 2013

The Silent Epidemic discusses the health risks of mining and burning coal.

“The Silent Epidemic,” by physician Alan H. Lockwood, elaborately analyzes burning coal from mining and makeup to disposal and the health effects of its air pollution.

Cover Courtesy Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Alan H. Lockwood, MD, is Emeritus Professor of Neurology and Nuclear Medicine at the State University of New York at Buffalo as well as the lead author of the Physicians for Social Responsibility report on coal’s adverse health effects. In The Silent Epidemic (MIT Press, 2012), Lockwood describes and documents the adverse health effects of burning coal by examining every aspect of coal, from its complex chemical makeup to details of mining, transporting, burning and disposal — each of which generates significant health concerns. Relatively few people are aware of the health threats posed by coal-derived pollutants, and those who are aware lack the political clout of the coal industry. Read the scientific studies that connects burning coal and other air pollution with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Diabetes Mellitus. This excerpt is taken from chapter 11, “Health Effects on the Horizon.”

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There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

 — Donald Rumsfeld

It is hard to imagine that there was a time when chimneys belching clouds of black acrid smoke were seen as a sign of industrial prowess and economic vigor rather than a threat to health. At one time physicians appeared in advertisements touting the benefits of smoking cigarettes! Advances in knowledge change the way we look at our environment and how it impacts health. Where are the holes in our vision and what surprises are ahead? This chapter addresses that question using very early, sometimes provocative data to discuss what might emerge in the future and be placed on the growing list of health effects of the pollutants generated by burning coal.

kevin haendiges
10/5/2013 11:36:06 AM

Coal is already being supplanted by natural gas (much cleaner), which itself will eventually be supplanted by another source of energy, most likely a cleaner one since you whiny envirohippies won't allow anything else cheaper to get on the market. Sudden change to "clean" energy would destroy the world economy, so get over it, it ain't gonna happen in your lifetime, and probably won't in your children's lifetime. Stop whining and tying up existing technology, find the next marketable clean energy source that can compete in the real world. Nobody is buying into your fantasies, and wouldn't pay for it if they did.

10/5/2013 8:28:43 AM

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