We at MOTHER EARTH NEWS are proud to share our list of instructional and informational videos featuring members of our staff. Each video is a glimpse into a project we love or an issue we care about. Check out the videos below, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment. Our video collection is expanding, so check back often for new releases! You can view more videos on our YouTube channel MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends.

Homesteading and Livestock

Backyard Chickens 101 Cute baby animals from heritage breeds video Benefits of Backyard Chickens video
Backyard Chickens 101 Cute Baby Animals From Heritage Breeds Benefits of Backyard Chickens
Learn the basics necessary to successfully raise happy and healthy backyard chickens. Raising heritage breeds of livestock is a great way to preserve history while enjoying superior animals. Learn about some of our favorite breeds the fun way: with a slideshow of cute baby animals! Backyard chickens have been providing homesteaders with natural pest control and nutritious eggs and meat for ages. In this video, learn more about the benefits of backyard birds.

How and Why of Free-Range Chickens video

Learn how to protect your chickens from predators

Chicken brooder basics video

How and Why of Free Range Chickens Protecting Chickens From Predators Chicken Brooder Basics
Free-range chickens provide tastier meat and more flavorful eggs than their store-bought counterparts, but what does "free-range" really mean? Raising chickens is a valuable practice for any homesteader, but protecting chickens from predators can be a tough job. In this video, GRIT editor-in-chief Hank Will provides some tips for keeping your flock safe and happy. So you've acquired or hatched a group of day-old chicks; now what? Introducing them to a chicken brooder that will keep them comfortable and safe should be first on the list.

Chicken egg incubating video

Zero-turn mowers video

Incubating Chicken Eggs Step-by-Step Chicken Processing Choosing a Zero-Turn Mower
Incubating chicken eggs is a great way to increase your flock size, or to provide replacements for birds that have been culled from your flock. Learn the essential stages of chicken processing in this video, from equipment and humane killing methods to plucking and eviscerating. Zero-turn mowers are a great investment for homesteaders with large lawns. In this video, learn how to choose the best one for your needs.

How to Tie a Square Knot video

Lincoln Longwool Sheep

Navajo Churro Sheep

How to Tie a Square Knot Breed Profile: Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breed Profile: Navajo Churro Sheep
Knot-tying isn't just for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts — it's a handy skill for homesteaders, too. In this video, learn how to tie a basic square knot that is both attractive and strong. Interested in shepherding? Lincoln longwool sheep are both good meat sheep and producers of high-quality wool, and are a heritage breed dating to the height of the Roman Empire in Britain. The Navajo Churro sheep descends from sheep originally brought to America by the Spanish. Once on the brink of extinction, the population is now rebounding with the aid of concerned breeders.

San Clemente Island goat

preparing for chickens

New-Born Chicks

Breed Profile: San Clemente Island Goats Preparing for Chickens Raising Healthy, Newborn Chickens
San Clemente Island goats are often raised as dairy goats. They were introduced to San Clemente Island in 1875; culled in the 1970s, only a few hundred remain in the breeding population. Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief of GRIT Magazine discusses the basics of getting chicks started with Purina animal nutritionist, Mikelle Roeder. GRIT Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Hank Will, discusses how to successfully raise happy and healthy chickens with Purina Mills’ nutritionist Mikelle Roeder.
flock feed  Chicken nest  chicken diet
Flock Feed Basics
Egg Production
Feeding Chickens a Balanced Diet
Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief of GRIT Magazine, meets with Dr. Gordon Ballam, director of lifestyle technical services with Purina, to discuss what feed to use with your flock. Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief of GRIT Magazine, talks with Purina animal nutritionist Dr. Gordon Ballam about increasing egg production in your flock. Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief of GRIT Magazine, and Dr. Gordon Ballam of Purina Animal Nutrition explain proper diet through each stage of growth in a chicken’s lifespan.
watering chickens Chicken Predators   integrating new birds
Watering Chickens Protect Your Flock from Chicken Predators
Integrating New Birds
Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief of GRIT Magazine, and Purina animal nutritionist Mikelle Roeder discuss best practices for watering chickens. Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief of GRIT Magazine, discusses the best ways to protect your flock and prevent chicken predators with Purina animal nutritionist Dr. Patrick Biggs.  Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief of GRIT Magazine, meets with Dr. Mikelle Roeder, nutritionist at Purina, to highlight tips for integrating new chickens into your flock.
Chicken coop  Chicken on a nest 
Chicken Coop Ventilation Tips Biosecurity for Backyard Chickens
Chicken Coop Space Requirements
Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief of GRIT Magazine, discusses the best ways to ventilate a chicken coop with Purina animal nutritionist Dr. Patrick Biggs.

GRIT Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Hank Will discusses biosecurity for backyard chickens with Purina animal nutritionist Dr. Gordon Ballam.

GRIT Editor-in-Chief Hank Will talks with Purina animal nutrition specialist Dr. Mikelle Roeder about chicken coop space requirements for a happy, healthy flock.
bee hive hive inspection  timber framing tools 
Tips for Getting Started in Beekeeping
 Maintaining New Bee Colonies
Build a Timber Framing Toolbox
Our friends at Brushy Mountain Bee Farm offer some helpful tips and tricks to get your hive buzzing.
 Learn the dos and don'ts of inspecting newly installed bee colonies for health and productivity.
Create your perfect timber framing toolbox with tips from our friend, Wranglerstar.
 how to chainsaw mill Uncapper  Bee package 
 How to Use a Chainsaw Mill
Harvesting with a Honey Extractor
Installing a Bee Package
 Wranglerstar shows you how to use the portable, inexpensive of method of chainsaw milling.
Learn how to efficiently uncap frames and use a honey extractor for your best harvest ever.  Join our friends at Brushy Mountain Bee Farm to learn how to install a bee package in a new hive.
 Haying Bee swarm  Bees 
Small-Scale Haymaking with a Compact Tractor
Catching a Swarm
Installing a Hive Top Feeder
Use your compact tractor to make enough hay to feed your livestock and sell for profit, too.
Learn how to catch a bee swarm and install it in a new hive from our friends at Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. Learn how to install a hive top feeder to keep your bees well-fed through the fall and early winter.

Real Food

Homemade Bread Made Easy Pressure cooking demonstration video Use an oil press video
Homemade Bread Made Easy Pressure Cooking Basics Use an Oil Press
Homemade bread is easy to make and requires minimal time spent kneading. Using simple ingredients, such as honey, whole-wheat flour and salt, anyone can have fresh, homemade bread in a matter of hours. Pressure cooking is simple, efficient and nutritious — yet too many cooks are intimidated by the technique. This video demystifies how to use a pressure cooker — not to be confused with a pressure canner — and encourages everyone to give it a try. By using an oil press, you can produce homemade oils with tons of flavor. In this video, learn how to use a Piteba oil press for superior cooking oil from your favorite nuts and seeds.
Pumpkin Rolls Video Making No-Knead Bread in the oven canning pickled beets
Cozy Pumpkin Rolls Recipe Make Simple No-Knead Bread Pickled Beets Recipe
In this video, learn how to make this Cozy Pumpkin Rolls recipe. It's easy and will be a favorite at your holiday table. This no-knead bread recipe will give you artisan-style bread straight from the oven. Learn how to pickle and can beets in this video — the process is easy and you'll agree it's worth the effort for tasty beets in the dead of winter.
Filtering chicken stock through cheese cloth straining process for rendering lard hand fermenting cabbage
Making Chicken Stock From Scratch How to Render Lard How to Make Sauerkraut
Learn the finer points of making your own homemade chicken stock and how to cook with this economical flavor-enhancer. Learn how to render lard, which is actually lower in saturated fat than butter and margarine. Learn how to make sauerkraut for an easy, nutritious way to preserve cabbage. You can use the same process to ferment numerous other vegetables, too.

How to Churn Butter
Making cultured butter in a hand crank butter churn is simple. All it requires is some heavy cultured cream and a little bit of patience.

Natural Health

Make your own skin toner video herbs for wellness herbs for skin
Homemade Organic Skin Toner 3 Herbs for Wellness 2 Herbs for Skin
Using just a few basic ingredients, you can make your own DIY cosmetics, such as this simple-yet-luxurious organic skin toner. Use these herbs for wellness to keep your major body functions running smoothly and efficiently. Soothe and heal scrapes, burns and rashes with these herbs for skin.
4 herbs for mental focus 3 herbs for nausea how to make an herbal salve
4 Herbs for Mental Focus 3 Herbs for Nausea How to Make an Herbal Salve
Try these herbs for mental focus to boost brain health safely and effectively. These herbs for nausea can be used to soothe upset stomachs, calm nerves and prevent illness. Learning how to make an herbal salve will prove useful with any skin problems like chapped hands, mild burns, acne, rashes and more.
how to make an herbal tincture    
How to Make an Herbal Tincture    
Learn how to make a peppermint herbal tincture that will help with treating stomach aches, motion sickness and morning sickness.    

Organic Gardening

Make your own seed starting kits Seed viability test video
DIY Seed Starting Kits How to Check for Seed Viability
Learn how to make biodegradable seed starting kits out of newspaper in this how-to video by MOTHER EARTH NEWS editor Hannah Kincaid. Use our seed viability test to make sure you get the most from your saved seeds every year.

Green Homes

all natural household cleaners Demonstrating proper use of a kerosene lamp from Lehman's.
All-Natural Household Cleaners How to Set Up a Kerosene Lamp
Create and stock up on all-natural household cleaners like vinegar, baking soda and castile soap to avoid volatile organic compounds in your home. Make sure to get the most out of your new kerosene lamp by following these tips for proper set up and use.


How to Tie a Bandana video
How to Tie a Bandana How to Refinish Wood Floors 
Bandanas can be used in varied ways — from sweat bands to gift wrapping. In this video presentation, learn how to tie a bandana for several simple uses. Sunlight, dents and foot traffic can all cause your wood floor to appear worn and faded. But with a few supplies, you can revive worn wood flooring without heavy-duty sanding.


The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRS are fun-filled, family-oriented sustainable lifestyle events that feature dozens of practical, hands-on demonstrations and workshops from the leading authorities on renewable energy, small-scale agriculture and more!

FAIR Highlights with 'Sunflower Journeys' Ecology Ethics with Joel Salatin Raising Chickens with Pat Foreman
PBS affiliate program Sunflower Journeys highlights the first MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in the Midwest, held in Lawrence, Kansas. Joel Salatain and Bryan Welch relish in the joy and love the earth gives back when it is given love and "ecological caress." Bryan Welch visits with Poultry Pioneer, Pat Foreman, and special guest, Oprah Hen-free, on why chickens are "superstars."
Sustainable Living with Ed Begley, Jr. MaKing Farming "Cool" with Joe King Hunting For A Connection with Miles Olson
Ed Begley, Jr. and Bryan Welch discuss their shared enthusiasm for sustainable living and the details of Ed's "green" home with passive solar design. Bryan Welch talks with Joe King, star of reality TV show, "Farm Kings," on his goal for the show and his thriving family farm. Miles Olson shares with Bryan Welch his unique perspective on life, death and compassion in hunting.
basic cheesemaking  
Investing in 'Slow Money' with Woody Tasch Basic Cheesemaking with Gianaclis Caldwell
Woody Tasch and Bryan Welch discuss why 'Slow Money' is more rational than modern investing while it also contributes to local agriculture. Gianaclis Caldwell offers simple instructions to help inexperienced cheese lovers make their own delicious creations.  

MOTHER EARTH NEWS Wiser Living Video Series

Wiser Living DVD Series

Purchase the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Wiser Living Video Series for videos featuring our most popular workshops taught by leading experts on do-it-yourself, sustainable projects. From learning the basics of pickling vegetables to making your own all-natural household cleaners, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Video Series includes a broad spectrum of information to help guide you on your path to self-sufficiency.

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