Homesteading & Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Avoid Farm Debt While Growing Your Business

By Joel Salatin

Live below your means, avoid debt and manage growth to help ensure your market garden or farm business’s long-term success.

Dear MOTHER: August/September 2015

Letters from our readers

Reader letters about making homemade bread, welcoming the next generation of homesteaders, battling a homeowners association about a front yard garden, voting with the dollar, publishing American Spirits tobacco ads, and more.

How to Lobby for Saner Food Policies

By Joel Salatin

In response to readers’ requests, renegade farmer Joel Salatin provides pointers for how to engage politicians about Earth stewardship and a sustainable food system.

Dear MOTHER: June/July 2015

Letters from our readers

Reader letters about grass-fed vs. factory-farmed meat, going solar, underground root cellars, urban homesteading, finding recycled goods, learning how to cook, banishing tomato blight, food-frugal tips, and more.


Dear MOTHER: April/May 2015

Letters from our readers

Reader letters about earthbag building, water consumption, factory farms in the rural United States, a hand-built outdoor oven, pressure canning, state-level sustainable population, ethical eating, seed saving, and more.

Dear MOTHER: February/March 2015

Letters from our readers

Reader letters about livestock guardians, homemade deodorant, bidets for TP-free living, emergency generators, leeks, meat coverage in MOTHER EARTH NEWS, the wonder-working slow cooker, and more.

Dear MOTHER: December 2014/January 2015

Letters from our readers

Reader letters about pressure cooking, food choices, swapping cloths for toilet paper, diversity in MOTHER EARTH NEWS, sweet spring gardening anticipation, and more.

Dear MOTHER: October/November 2014

Letters from our readers

Reader letters about passive solar homes, making biogas, gardening in drought, neighborhood-scale self-sufficiency, “enhanced” supermarket meat, residential wind power, and more.


Mother Earth News Institute: The Basics of Beekeeping 2017

Aug. 26-27, 2017
Fletcher, NC.

From classroom to hive, two days of expert training designed to get the burgeoning beekeeper in business.