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A Year at Bees of the Woods Apiary: September

By Jennifer Ford, Bees of the Woods Apiary

This month, we've been busy getting bees ready for winter. Read on to see how a small apiary prepares its bees get ready for the tough months ahead.

Why Raise Heritage Breeds of Livestock?

By Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, Hostile Valley Living

Heritage breeds connect us with our past and often can bring a farm a variety of benefits.

Simple, Low-Budget, Off-Grid, Gravity-Fed Water System (with Video)

By Alyssa Craft

In this post we'll share the solution we've found for our off grid gravity fed water system. Easy and cost-effective, it's a winner for us and our property!

From Corporate Drones to Organic Farmers: Putting Our Plan into Action

By Sarah Ratliff

Having already made the decision to leave our all-consuming, consuming-all lifestyle, now the trick was to sell our house during the worst recession since the Great Depression and get out of dodge.


Self Sufficiency and Sharing Resources

By Bruce McElmurray

Growing and raising your own food and sharing it with neighbors.

A Dignified Look at Chicken Butchering Day

By Laura Berlage, North Star Homestead Farms

Everyone likes a tasty chicken, but how about what happens during the time between the clucking, feathered bird and the freezer? Here’s a dignified look at a poultry processing day on our farm, feathers and all.

Hatching Chicks Using Incubators vs Broody Hens, Part 2

By Anna Twitto

In my previous post, I discussed several points comparing the relative benefits of using incubators for hatching chicks vs. doing things the natural way - that is, assigning the job to a broody. Today I am going to cover some more factors influencing the chicken owner's decision on this matter.

Wild-Food Foraging and Harvesting Beneath September's 'Apple Moon'

By Aiyanna Sezak-Blatt, Wild Abundance

A monthly guide and to-do list applying permaculture through the seasons with Wild Abundance.


Mother Earth News Institute: The Basics of Beekeeping 2017

Aug. 26-27, 2017
Fletcher, NC.

From classroom to hive, two days of expert training designed to get the burgeoning beekeeper in business.