Homesteading & Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Earth Pond Troubleshooting Guide

By Tim Matson

This quick guide offers solutions to earth pond upkeep problems such as algae, erosion, low water level, fishkill, flooding, stagnant water, and siltation.

Dear MOTHER: October/November 2012

Letters from our readers

Reader letters about energy efficient cars, genetically modified foods, putting food by, pioneering in passive solar, mosquito repellent plants and more.

Home Security Tips: The Well-Protected Home

By Charles Young

A former thief shares home security tips to avoid a home burglary incident, including installing a burglar alarm, areas to protect around the house and other burglar-proof methods.

Artificial Insemination in Cattle

By Randy Kidd

An experienced livestock veterinarian offers a primer on artificial insemination in cattle.


Illegal to Kill Animals to Eat?

By Therese Todd

Many animal welfare agencies in cities are against raising animals for food within city limits. Do you know of any such regulations in your area?

Dear MOTHER: August/September 2012

Letters from our readers

Reader letters about lowering blood pressure naturally, local wood, making sorghum syrup, nuclear power, fracking, root crop storage, hydropower, genetically modified foods, and more.

Move a House to the Land You Have

By Ellen Krikie

Found the perfect land but still need a house? Consider enlisting the services of a house-moving company to move a house onto your property.

Do-It-Yourself Radon Testing


Radioactive gas may make your home dangerous to live in. Includes the types of in-home radon tests available and a mail-order radon testing kit chart with EPA approved radon testing companies.


Mother Earth News Institute: The Basics of Beekeeping 2017

Aug. 26-27, 2017
Fletcher, NC.

From classroom to hive, two days of expert training designed to get the burgeoning beekeeper in business.