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Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Quirky Character of Pekin and Khaki Campbell Ducks

By Tom Hemme, Hemme Farms

We own three ducks: two Pekin hens and one Khaki Campbell drake, or male duck. Farmyards are fully diverse and integrated communities. They are societies in which different species of animals play differing, varying, and interesting roles. The ducks of Stony Kreek Farm are no different.

Caring for Dry Cows and Promoting Healthy Calvings on a Micro Dairy

By Steve Judge

Caring for dry cows in a small herd dairy can be difficult but proper care is essential for ease of calving and healthy outcomes for both the cow and calf.

What is a Farm Dog? The Best Choices for Working Partners on the Farm or Ranch

By Jan Dohner

The best working farm dogs, including livestock guardians; herders; working terriers and earthdogs; and traditional farm and working partners.

Heating Your House with Wood, Part I

By Ilene White Freedman, House in the Woods Farm

The first of two posts about the comforts and rhythm of heating the house with wood.


Backbone Food Farm: Growing Kids, Food, and Skills

By K.C. Compton

The entire Dubansky family takes part in tending to their organic food farm and providing other families with fresh, seasonal food.

Off-Grid, Organic and Old School

By RD Copeland

Join R.D. Copeland this Saturday at the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, TX for his presentation: Off-Grid, Organic & Old School and at the DIY Showcase booth to learn how he built his sustainable life on the farm, using his own homemade devices and gadgets, to make life easier, at a fraction of the cost of store bought items.

The Bison Deep Well Hand Pump

By Steve Maxwell

Hand pump water with the Bison Deep Well Hand Pump, a great option for drawing water without electricity.

How to Tap Trees: Birch, Walnut, and Sycamore

By Brett McLeod

Want to branch out from maple? Use this guide to decide which trees to tap and learn about making birch syrup, making walnut syrup, and making sycamore syrup.

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