Yogurt-Making & Bread-Baking

| 2/29/2012 5:55:12 AM

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Bread fresh out of the cob ovenMilk and Bread: staple foods. 

Good milk and good bread: these staples become artisanal treats. 

Such is the reality we’ve created with our Multi-Farm Winter CSA.  Of the six items included each week, milk and bread are some of the most talked about (other items include meat, cheese, eggs, and a rotation of potatoes/kale/sauerkraut).  This is in part due to the superb quality of Bunten Farmhouse Kitchen’s Devon milk, and the remarkable baking ability of Scott Codey here at D Acres. 

The verbosity dedicated to bread and milk is also due in part to the perpetual problems of having too much, or having too little.  Different folks find their fortunes leaning in different directions. 

We here at D Acres, however, are offering a dual solution. 

The details: March 10th, 11am, D Acres Farm.  The topic: Yogurt-Making & Bread-Baking Workshop.  In answer to the dilemma of too much milk, Katie Cristiano will be offering hands-on yogurt-making instruction.  All participants will leave with a small batch of yogurt, providing a sufficient culture to continue the process at your home.  This simple procedure gives milk a second life.  Milk-turned-yogurt has a longer shelf life, and expands your range of edible possibilities.  Not to mention that it is an empowering and exciting – also, simple – skill that increases your food independence from grocery store aisles.  Additional examples of easy & inexpensive alternatives include cottage cheese, yogurt cheese, cream cheese, and kefir. 

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