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What’s new at New Holland Agriculture?

New! New Holland Narrow Row Tractors-Pack More Power in Orchards and Vineyards

New Holland’s three new narrow row tractors put bigger power into the narrow rows of orchards, nut groves and vineyards. The TD4040F, a new value-priced model, and T4060F (92 PTO hp) and super-narrow T4060V (92 PTO hp) models combine outstanding power and maneuverability with the narrow width and low height needed to work more efficiently than ever under tree canopies and in close quarters.

New! New Holland T6 Series

-Mid-Range Tractors Feature ECOBlue™ Engine Technology

New Holland’s new mid-range T6 Series tractors deliver outstanding power, performance and fuel efficiency with Tier 4a emissions-compliant engines that feature New Holland’s exclusive ECOBlue™ technology. Six models, from 90- to 120-PTO hp, are available with a range of standard to premium features with a combination of transmission, hydraulic and cab packages to suit the operation and preferences of a wide array of farming and utility operations.

New! High-Clearance Tractor  

With a maximum crop clearance of 30 inches at the drawbar, the new TS6.120 High-Clearance tractor is designed to put big power into rows of tall vegetable and specialty crops without worry of plant damage. The front axle adjusts from 72 to 84 inches to accommodate a wide variety of crops and farming practices. The new TS6.120 is available with a choice of an open-air ROPS platform or a factory-installed, all-weather cab with air conditioning and heat.

New! New Holland ‘Lean & Mean’ TS6 Series Tractors  

New Holland’s new all-purpose “Lean & Mean” TS6 Series tractors deliver big performance at an economical price. The four TS6 models range from 90- to 115-PTO horsepower: two models are equipped with 4-cylinder engines and two models feature 6--cylinder engines. All four models are available with either 2WD or 4WD, and with a flat -deck ROPS operator station or an all-weather cab. The TS6 Series tractors are not only easy to operate and easy to maintain, they’re also available with lots of choices to match specific operational needs.

New! MegaCutter™ Triple Disc Mower-Conditioners Cut 29’ 6” of Hay in a Single Pass

New Holland’s new MegaCutter™ mounted triple disc mower-conditioners offer big haymaking capacity by cutting a triple-wide swath that nearly doubles the cutting width of a traditional 16-foot self-propelled mower-conditioner or windrower. The Megacutter is actually a three-machine cutting system which offers maximum efficiency and versatility for large livestock operations and custom harvesters. Not only can producers cut more hay in less time, they can also take advantage of peak drying conditions during the day.

New! ProRotor™ Rakes-Promote Higher Quality Forage

New Holland’s new line of ProRotor™ rotary hay rakes help haymakers produce higher quality forage with minimal leaf loss. Flexible tines on each tine arm gently lift and carry the crop to the windrow. Three models accommodate the needs of a range of haymakers.

New! Boomer™ Compact Tractors  

New Holland’s deluxe Boomer™ compact tractor line has expanded to include two new models. The new 23 hp Boomer 20 and the 27 hp Boomer 25 compact tractors are the ultimate power tools for homeowners, landscapers, hobby farmers and others who live the rural lifestyle. And, like all Boomer tractors, these are real tractors for real people who have real work to do. They’re not some lawn and garden tractor on steroids!

New! Telehandlers Offer High Lifting Performance in Compact Package  

Two new compact telehandler models suit the needs of operators that work in restricted spaces. The two new models, the LM5020 and LM5030, offer high levels of lifting performance in a compact package. They feature productivity enhancing 360° visibility and unsurpassed maneuverability, together with industry-leading levels of operator comfort, all housed in a super compact frame. With these new compact telehandlers, accessing the tight spaces and hard-to-reach corners of a mixed-farming operation, landscaping yard or municipal site is no longer a chore in itself.

New! Enhanced Clean Energy Website 

Be sure to check out the PowerStar™ Utility Tractors : A New Operating Experience

Tractors for farmers designed by farmers! Performance and comfort levels never before seen in a utility tractor created by the use of virtual reality and real farmer interface. Advancement in control placement, visibility applications, and operator comfort make this tractor a must see for the new concept of utility tractors.

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