What's It Like Butchering Roosters for the First Time?

| 12/12/2016 3:29:00 PM

Tags: poultry, butchering chickens, Idaho, Alyssa Craft,

One of our biggest goals when we moved to our off-grid property in Idaho a year ago was to learn how to become more self-sufficient. This word can mean so many different things to people, but for us it means being in control of the important factors that govern our own lives like food, water and shelter.

In the past year we've been working hard getting our off-grid water system functioning and have hand-built plenty of structures on our property, but food was the one category of self sufficiency that we weren't equipped to fully address.

Until now.

Recently, we got some first-time butchering experience when we slaughtered some roosters from a neighbor. It was an extremely educational experience that taught us a lot. Killing animals for meat was definitely intimidating at first, but surprisingly enough, it's not as difficult as we previously thought it was going to be!

If you haven't had the chance to butcher your own livestock but are eager to try someday, our experience might give you encouragement that even inexperienced first timers can figure it out.

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