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Waiting For Kids...


This, dear friends, is Metty...





A purebred, registered Nubian who goes by the full name of Bags Metropolitan Gurl. "Metty", has become the cause of much jesting and hair pulling this week. The reason? This girl is now NINE days past her due date!! Gaah! Some people have decided that she must not be pregnant, meanwhile I'm trying to juggle work and keep a close eye on her. I've seen a lot of does give birth, but I have never seen a doe go so late... She's looking sunken today, but not so much as to make me terribly hopeful that kids will drop within the next 24 hours. So life is all about waiting right now... Waiting, waiting, waiting. My goodness I am ready for those kids to come!




Metty's dam (solid black doe in picture), who is called Ojibwa Ima Poco Sombrita has also been a source of fun these days. Two weeks ago I went to make a batch of cheese and found a blood colored sediment on the bottom of two jars! PANIC!! After talking with some fellow goat breeders, a vet, and running a mastitis test, it was deemed that Sombrita broke a capillary in her udder. Great... [insert sarcastic tone]


So just for the record, it takes a good while for a capillary to heal! With Sombrita, her milk looked perfectly normal, it tasted great, and had no clumps or strings. But after 24 to 48 hours of sitting in the fridge, the sediment would appear. Most frustrating when one is about to start a raw milk herdshare program! Now, after 2 weeks of treating with peppermint essential oil and goldenseal paste, she is almost 100% healed. There's still the palest pink sediment, but it's going away. 


Now, off I must hop to go check on Metty one more time. :) Who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and she'll be a bit more sunken looking...


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