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Valentine’s Gift Ideas from STIHL

Who says outdoor power equipment doesn’t make great Valentine’s Day gifts? Give the special guy – or gal – in your life something memorable this Valentine’s Day with something from STIHL:

STIHL MS 230 C-BE Duro Chain saw

If you ever wanted to buy a chain saw this would be the one. This chain saw boasts an Easy2Start™ system, a tool less Quick Chain adjuster for fast and easy chain adjustment, and tool less fuel and oil caps with retainers. The new STIHL PICCO™ Duro saw chain will stay sharp longer — saving you time by reducing chain-sharpening maintenance. With less sharpening and up to four times the edge life, this could easily be the last saw you ever buy. 

STIHL Edge V Protective Glasses

Protect your eyes from the sun with these sleek protective glasses. The lightweight glasses are made from optical grade polycarbonate for greater impact resistance and they offer 99% UV protection. They are durable, made for comfort, and most of all you will look good while you are making your yard look great. 

STIHL MotoMix® Take the guesswork out of mixing your own gasoline and oil with this revolutionary new ethanol- free formula from STIHL. STIHL MotoMix® is a non-aromatic fuel mixed with a fully synthetic and highly biodegradable two-cycle engine oil, so it is easier on the environment. It comes in a convenient 39.5-ounce metal container containing 32 ounces (1 quart) of MotoMix. The fuel formulation results in a longer fuel storage period of up to two years, so the fuel mix will stay fresh longer in your equipment. Consumers can expect easier starting, easier storage, and consistent and reliable operation as a result.

STIHL Lithium-Ion FSA 65 Trimmer

Eliminating fuel costs and engine emissions, the STIHL FSA 65 grass trimmer offers the user another environmentally responsible option for trimming tasks. With this new technology, there is no more fuel mixing, no power cords, and greatly reduced engine maintenance. And the FSA 65 is eight times quieter than the STIHL gasoline-powered equivalent, making it ideal for densely populated or noise-sensitive areas. Designed for user comfort, the STIHL FSA 65 is lightweight with excellent balance and low vibration.

STIHL Lithium-Ion BGA 85 Blower

With its 36 volts of lithium-ion power, the STIHL BGA 85 handheld blower has excellent blowing performance, delivering an air velocity of 102 MPH at the nozzle. The high-torque, commercial-grade motor has a longer motor life due to the lower amount of maintenance required. The BGA 85 eliminates fuel costs and engine emissions, and it also runs quieter than its gasoline-powered equivalents, making it ideal for noise-sensitive areas.

STIHL Lithium-Ion MSA 160 C-BQ Chain Saw The portable and lightweight STIHL MSA 160 C-BQ chain saw combines the innovative STIHL Lithium-Ion battery technology with the legendary quality of STIHL chain saws. When equipped with the AP 160 battery, the MS 160 C-BQ weighs just over 10 pounds. and has a run time of up to 35 minutes. Perfect for environmentally conscious homeowners and professionals, the STIHL MSA 160 C-BQ chain saw has zero exhaust emissions and is ideal for noise and emission-sensitive areas like green roofs and urban environments. The chain saw can even be used for indoor projects.

Don’t forget about STIHL apparel! You can now reserve online and pick up at dealer through STIHL Express. For more information, visit

STIHL is a supporter of the Independent We Stand “Buy Local” movement. When you buy from STIHL you are also contributing to your community. So while you are treating your significant other to something nice make sure you are treating them to something that will last!

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