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Unique New Product Hides Unsightly Propane Tanks In Yards

(New Braunfels, Texas) – It’s an innovative new product that provides homeowners with an aesthetic and permanent solution to the problem of unsightly above-ground propane tanks.  The Rock Box Propane Tank Cover (PTC) from Boulder Looks is a faux-rock cover that fits over standard 250-gallon propane tanks. The product was conceived when the inventor was looking for a way to conceal an ugly tank from view in his front yard. He found that the only covers available were fabric, which are not natural-looking and must be replaced every few years.

The cover features an articulated lid that rolls back when access to the tank is necessary.The Rock Boxes PTCs come in five natural colors so homeowners can match them to existing landscaping or geography.   The product itself weighs approximately 200 pounds, is approximately 1 inch thick and is made from a composite of fiberglass roving -- a material that is higher quality than that used to make boats -- isophthalic fillers and other superior quality materials that mean it will last many years, provides year-round shade for tanks and offers outstanding protection from extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Safety is a major concern when dealing with liquid natural gas, and according to Boulder Looks, the product was designed with safety as a priority. The Rock Box PTC’s installation instructions require a 4” air gap minimum at the base of the cover, normally achieved through the use of 4” landscaping bricks, which provides sufficient air flow to vent spilled or expelled gas. Additionally, the space provided above the tank by the contoured lid is designed to provide adequate clearance should the pressure
relief valve deploy. Last, the back of the lid overhangs the cover by 2”, providing even more air flow to vent gas and/or heat, allowing for dissipation during operation, filling or some unfortunate accident.

“The PTC is being received extremely well,” says Tracy Hyde, owner of Boulder Looks. “Homeowners and propane service companies alike have expressed their excitement about the product, and we expect that to continue since, according to the National Propane Gas Association, in the U.S. alone, more than 50 million Americans use propane every day in their homes. Many of these homes have above-ground propane tanks, which are less expensive, easier to maintain and last longer than buried tanks.”

Rock Box Propane Tank Cover Product Features:
Height = 44"
Depth = 33"
Width = 94" 

• Articulated lid lifts open for easy access
• Fits a standard 250-gallon propane tank
• Significantly less expensive than a buried tank
• Permanent solution – no costly live plants to tend or replace
• Highest quality materials last for years
• Shelters tanks from extreme temperatures and weather conditions
• Choice of five custom natural stone colors
• Installs in less than 30 minutes without specialized knowledge or tools

The Rock Box Propane Tank Covers currently sell for $2,195, which includes shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. They are available online at: .

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