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Underneath Bird Feeder


Concord, New Hampshire: The Underneath Bird Feeder is unlike any other bird feeder. It's the only feeder that delivers black oil sunflower seeds from underneath the tube. This unique concept solves the problems customers complain about most-squirrels, big birds and bad weather. The Underneath Bird Feeder takes all the bother out of feeding the birds!

It's squirrel proof. The Underneath Bird Feeder consists of a long seed tube equipped with steel mesh at the bottom and a small, vertical perch. It's squirrel proof because squirrels aren't long enough to reach all the way down the slippery tube to access the seeds underneath. And they can't hold onto the small, vertical perch below. Duncraft's unique "squirrel lock" keeps the top locked down tight. Squirrels have no way of getting to the seed and soon give up.

It's big bird proof. Large, pesky birds like starlings, grackles and blue jays can't land on the vertical perch and they can't cling upside down to the mesh. Only smaller songbirds can land on the perch, pull out a seed from under the bird feeder and fly off-one after another.

It's weather proof. When other feeders are clogged with ice and snow, or soaked with rain, the Underneath Bird Feeder keeps delivering fresh, dry seeds from underneath the tube. Seeds are never exposed to the elements. No more moldy seed!

And there are even more benefits to this revolutionary design. The Underneath Bird Feeder is hygienic. It's made with non-porous PVC that's easy to keep clean. The seed is never exposed to bird droppings, so it helps prevent the spread of bird diseases. And since birds pull only one seed at a time from the steel mesh and can't flick through the seeds, that means a healthy, cleaner feeding area and a lot less waste.

The Underneath Bird FeederTM, product number 3121, $64.95, is part of a series of new bird feeders by Duncraft and is available a

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