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Training Event: Growing Farm Profits

Do you need to know how to increase profits?

Consider this One-Day Workshop For Horticultural Farmers Ready To Take Steps To Improve Farm Profits. It’s a Program FOR Farmers BY Farmers

November 5, 2011, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, Virginia

Growing good crops is not enough to make your farm economically sustainable.  Learn to:

Hosted by
Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group
Virginia Association for Biological Farming   
Georgia Organics
Southern Risk Management Education Center

Workshop Leaders:

There is no fee for this training.  Lunch is available for $10.

Take home farmer-friendly business tools for keeping  records and making decisions that affect your farm’s profit.

Pre-registration is required by October 28th.   

Lodging is available at a discounted rate of $59.99 per night near meeting site. 

To pre-register or learn more visit www.VABF.ORG or email or call (804) 272-0725.

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