The ABCs of Homesteading: H is for 'Horticulture'

| 9/6/2016 1:07:00 PM

Tags: horticulture, seed saving, plant selection, edible landscaping, Tasha Greer, North Carolina,

 Herb Mix

This is the sixth post in the ABCs of Homesteading series. Click here to read the rest of the series.

Have you ever had an experience when something small changed the course of your life? You may not have appreciated it at the time, but later, when sorting through your personal history you see it. Ah ha! That's where it all started.

That happened to me during a winter vacation in France when I noticed that many residents had plants growing in their gardens. I was not a gardener at the time, but learning that beauty bloomed year-round ignited my desire to become one.

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