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Solway Feeders Introduces Horizontal Watering Nipples


Birds are often most vulnerable to disease and infection during their early days when a combination of rapid growth and close confinement come together to create the perfect conditions for harmful bacteria. Even when breeding birds on a small scale it can be hard to manage the space where young birds are growing. During this potentially stressful time poultry keepers need to be careful and attentive.

Keeping your birds’ drinking water and brooder area as clean as possible is vital in avoiding potential diseases. By reducing wasted water, Solway Feeders Horizontal Watering Nipples keep bird droppings out and water in — resulting in both clean water and dry beds.

Horizontal nipples have a unique tapered thread design that offers several installation options:

Solway Feeders horizontal watering nipples are spring loaded, releasing water only when pecked at, and house a drip guard to keep leakage at bay. Each nipple will service roughly 25 poults or 6 to 8 adult birds. When paired with Solway Feeders Brass Float Valves, watering nipples can be incorporated into gravity fed watering systems.

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