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Win a 25-Gallon, Solar Livestock Waterer!

 Most stock tanks aren’t designed to maintain the temperature of the water, which would slow freezing. The tanks have no insulation, and the large area of water exposed to air doesn’t help either. So, most of the time, people drop a floating electric tank heater into the water, plug it in and pay the electric bill. But there’s a better (and less expensive) solution — solar livestock water tanks.

You can Build a Solar Stock Tank for about $300, and it should keep your stock tank water  ice-free in all but the worst winter weather. Even if you still need to use an electric heater, the solar stock tank will reduce your electricity usage in winter.

If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, you can buy solar livestock waterers, too. Or register to win a 25-gallon, solar water trough from eNasco. It prevents water from freezing even in temperatures as low as 20 below zero.

  • Guaranteed not to freeze or rust, even if livestock don’t drink from them
  • No fuel or electricity is needed, so there is no risk of electrical shock to livestock
  • Shatterproof solar collector
  • Can be top-filled with a garden hose
  • Can also be used to keep water cool and algae-free in the summer
  • Total Prize Value: $500
  • Sweepstakes ends Nov. 30, 2010

To enter, go to the eNasco Solar Waterer page.