How to Run a Small Business

| 6/10/2013 12:00:00 PM

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Hi Mother Earthers!

I started a bootstrap business earlier this year called Indie Farms to teach people how to grow their own organic food at home.

The driving force to start this first-of-its-kind kitchen garden coaching business was my personal passion for growing food, which I’ve been doing productively for nearly ten years. home biz letter 1

While I’m still in the earliest stages of establishing my business, my first Indie Farmers (homeowners in California’s Silicon Valley) had great success with their spring and summer food gardens and are now establishing either their first winter gardens and cover crops during the cooler weather.

They’re learning tons and reaping amazing harvests from spots on their properties that would have gone fallow or unused otherwise.

I couldn’t be more pleased to see the enthusiasm for organic home farming and watching my years of amassed knowledge (and everything I continue to learn as work toward a degree in organic agriculture) go to good use producing delicious organic food for people who thought they were doomed to eat grocery store produce forever.

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