Simple Living: Less is More

The author shares his story about simple living and the idea that less is more, includes paring down belongings, portable shelters and building a simple lifestyle.

| December 2002/January 2003

Tipis are a low-cost simple living lifestyle that lets you homestead anywhere.

Tipis are a low-cost simple living lifestyle that lets you homestead anywhere.


Learn about simple living and low-cost ways to live with less commercial consumption.

Simple Living: Homesteading

I once lived in a log cabin with a window that framed the ski runs above Sun Valley, Idaho. Off from work one day, some friends and I explored a remote canyon road in an old Chevy. After bouncing along for an hour we came to a dead end. There, sitting in a grove of Aspen trees was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen: A towering white-canvas tipi, sitting like Buddha — simple and utterly perfect.

No one seemed to be around so we nervously rolled back the door flap and peeked inside. There in the nestlike dwelling was a mattress covered with thick down sleeping bags, an old trunk with clothes spilling out and a shelf lined with rice, crackers, bottled water and some French bread. In the center, surrounded by blackened pots, there was a still-warm rock fireplace. We thought we had a glimpse inside heaven.

All the way back to town we discussed the purity of living in such a fashion and how with some common sense and a little hard work, we could achieve that kind of purity for ourselves.

I've noticed that most people's homes are high-maintenance money drains. Every day people have to leave their homes to go to work so they can pay off their mortgage. I wanted the chance to build a simple, affordable home in which I could spend my time, rather than all my money.

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