Egg Carton Fire Starter

Looking for a creative fire-starter idea? Try using a cardboard egg carton to get the flames flickering in no time.

| December 2015/January 2016

Eggs in Carton

Keep cardboard egg cartons; they make fantastic fire starters.

Photo by Fotolia/Alex Staroseltsev

My wife buys eggs in a paper container instead of Styrofoam because the empty cardboard egg cartons serve as excellent fire starters for our woodstove.

Henry Fraas
Ransomville, New York

11/6/2015 8:13:30 AM

I forgot to mention one good source for candles. Go to retailers during the after-Christmas sales and buy up all of their large candles for pennies on the dollar.

11/6/2015 8:11:21 AM

That is only half of the equation. Save all of your dryer lint and collect old candles. Put lint (or part of a cotton ball) into each divot and pour melted wax across everything. After it cools cut it apart with a knife. I used to swear by paraffin and sawdust fire starters (and never had any luck with fat wood) but these are better. They light instantly and work just as well as the commercial paraffin starters.

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