The DIY Life: Learn the Ways to Self-Sufficient Living

The MOTHER EARTH NEWS 2014 Homesteaders of the Year have taken self-reliance into their own hands, and with a little time invested in learning new skills, you, too, can achieve the DIY life and practice more self-sufficient living.

The Gibbons' off-grid, hand-built guest cabin (left) and outhouse (right) are two of many DIY projects the couple has completed on their rural Iowa property. The couple's hunter friends stay in the cabin seasonally, trading the housing accomodations for the meat they hunt on the land. Another structure they built on their property, the art studio, is where Leslie creates upcycled crafts. All told, the Gibbons have put up six DIY buildings on their lan, plus multiple renovations to those structures in later years.
Photo by Michelle Gifford